Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Wow! I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but it became so much more apparent when I typed in instead of blogger.

Let me get caught up real fast.
Merry Christmas.
Happy New Year.
Happy MLK Jr. Day.
Happy Groundhog's Day.
Happy Birthday to our nephew Kaden.

I think that covers it!

As I was uploading our pictures, which I haven't done since Christmas, I realize that I have a lot of pictures that seem a bit dated now. So I'll start with the good stuff, but I'm warning you now, eventually the Christmas tree will make an appearance on the blog.

I'll start with the most exciting first. We decided to move our office down to the basement. This was kind of always the long-term plan, so I thought, why not just go for it. I'd seen some pretty awesome Ikea hacks (when you take their cheap furnishings and turn it into luxury-looking furniture) involving their Billy Bookcase, specifically this one and this one. So after a bit of convincing on Kyler's end, I had a game plan. And I was the sweet daughter who invited my parents to come visit, and they were so kind to help us complete our project!!

Let's start at the beginning. Our desired bookcases were 80" tall. And my husband told me to take the car and pick them up myself while he was playing church basketball. HA! We ended up having to borrow a friend's Tahoe, and the long bookcases barely fit in there. We had to move the passenger seat all the way up, meaning I was chauffeured home in the back seat.

There was a bit of drama involving the bookcases. The night before we had planned for my parents to come to Cincinnati, we checked the online inventory, only to find that there were 2 in stock when we needed 3. So we told my parents not to come until we found out if the project was even a 'go'. Lo and behold, they had only 3 of what we needed, and we were there at opening to snatch them up. I was one happy lady!!

The men set to assembling.

The ladies got to painting.

Sidenote(s): 1. I hadn't changed the setting on my camera to get that yellow color out of all photos. 2. my shirt matched the paint color. 3. I told Kyler I wanted to paint this wall a light blue/almost white, and then I came home with pea green paint. 4. I'm not sure why my mother was dangling painter's tape above my head.

Anyways, the men built bookcases, and the women painted.

One coat on the wall.

One bookshelf done.

Always looking our best in our painting outfits.

As many of you know, this room is huge!! We decided to only paint the wall the bookcases would be on, and decide what to do with the rest of the room at another time.

Dad having a pensive moment?

After the ladies finished the wall and clean-up, I moved on to help with some assembly. This is the part where my parents sat back and laughed at the two of us working together. Two head-strong workers right there.

The men had all the shelves assembled, only needing to attach the doors. So Mom and I went to pick up pizza. We thought when we came back that all the doors would be on. Nope, they were on the exact same door as when we'd left. Apparently there was a large learning curve because after they successfully got this door level on its hinges, we were off and running.

I worked on getting the doors ready for the men.

And at the end of the night, we had four free-standing bookcases. On Sunday, we added some trim to the top of the bookcases and down the seams to make it look like one cohesive unit. And at the end of the weekend, this is what we were left with.

On Monday, I was so giddy to get home from work and start styling my shelves. And that is enough content for another post. Hope you can handle the suspense!

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