Wednesday, February 6, 2013

All Accessorized!

After we spent all weekend painting and assembling the backdrop to our new office, we had to go back to work. I mean...somebody has got to fund all of my house projects ;)

I spent all day at work thinking about accessorizing my bookshelves. I'm not sure Kyler knew what I meant when I said I needed to style my shelves. He was so concerned that we didn't have enough books for them.

Here's where we're at so far. I don't have quite enough to fill in all the blanks, but at least I got to have a little bit of fun decorating. Most of the stuff that came from our old office space went behind the cabinet doors. The ugly stuff like pens and envelopes and files. So we had to dig out lots of goodies we had in storage in the other part of the basement.

Here's where all of our not-so-fun office supplies are stashed.

Yes, that is our paper shredder. Kyler cut a hole in the back of the bookcase to accommodate the power outlet to the shredder. My only qualm with the whole thing is that I couldn't get the printer to fit anywhere.

To style the shelves, we dug out boxes from storage, mostly looking for books. Kyler found our set of high school year books, and I included his Lord of the Ring books too.

I love that my favorite Karen Kingsbury books and YoungHouseLove books are teal and green, which is the color scheme I was going for on the shelves. Paired with my green candle holder from Goodwill and teal wire lamp from Hobby Lobby, this set of shelving is my favorite! We also had a bunch of frames and decorative sentiments from wedding gifts that happened to coordinate with my colors too, so I added them here and there as well.

Kyler's Far Side collection.

No decorations are complete without financial textbooks, right?

Kyler's parents were so kind to gift us with their framed profiles for Christmas, and we proudly display them here, and it seemed appropriate to add in the elephants which were also a gift from Kyler's mom from her India trip.

And of course, there's plenty of room to add to the collection whenever I find something fitting. I'm in no rush to fill all the space until I find something I absolutely love.

This picture on the bottom left was a placeholder when I received the frame. In it, my cheeks are all puffy from getting my wisdom teeth out that day, and for whatever reason, I haven't changed it out. Who doesn't want to commemorate their wisdom teeth extraction?

One last detail, I would be remiss to not mention Kyler's lone contribution to the whole unit...

While going through old boxes, Kyler found this gigantic trophy he received in high school. He calls it his Heisman and made a deal with me to keep it up for a week. We're on week two and it's still on display.

We're pretty happy with our faux built-in storage. Now we're just on the hunt for a nice desk. I think it's time to get rid of Kyler's college desk that he got for free at a garage sale at the Middletown Park.


  1. Very nice! I certainly feel honored to have a spot on a shelf. Maybe our photo will keep the critters away! Love you guys!

  2. I stumbled on your blog from young house love =) We have that same (is it a Willow?) statue. Love the book cases!