Monday, January 30, 2012

New Year's Eve Party

Oh man. I'm really not sure how time has gotten away from us, or how I'm just now getting ready to blog about New Year's Eve. But here it goes.

The Second Annual New Year's Eve Party.

Kyler and I planned the games. Dana and Kristoffer provided the house and cookies. Emily and Zach brought the most beautiful fruit pizza. And Kelli and Austin brought brownies. It was a grand evening indeed!

Yummy snacks!

Operation race.

This game was definitely favored by the ladies. The boys just weren't nearly as...timely.

Lots of lounging.

Wii bowling and tennis tournament.

And the results are in.

What a fun way to ring in the new year! And make sure you don't fall asleep before the ball drops.

And a silly picture for good measure!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Our First Christmas

We celebrated our first Christmas together on Christmas Eve's Eve before we headed home for my family's Christmas that weekend.

Our main gift to each other was our new TV, but we decided to still get each other one gift and a stocking.

What a handsome dude! For starters, Kyler read the Christmas story in Luke.

Kyler got me an electric throw. As in not blanket. He was very specific to buy a throw because he didn't want one big enough to fit on our bed...not that I would've put it on the bed.

In my stocking I found two tickets to the IU vs. Michigan game that we attended a couple of days ago. Way to buy yourself a Christmas gift Kyler!

Kinda blurry, but I got Kyler a new wallet. He'd had his old one since high school and was in desperate need of a new one. According to him, it's much more comfortable when driving in the car. I wouldn't know of such things, but I'm so glad his behind appreciates the gift I gave him.

On Christmas Eve, we headed to my Grandma Maxine's for Christmas with my dad's family. Kyler got a new Blu-Ray player player, and I got lot 'o clothes.

On Christmas Day, we woke up at my parents' house and enjoyed an early Christmas with them before church.

And after church, we went to Grandma Faye's for Mom's side of the family's Christmas. Out of all those Christmases, these are the only two pictures I took the whole time.

This is my cousin's girlfriend's new puppy.

What a cutie!

We had a great first Christmas together and really enjoyed having a few days off work (and weeks off school) to spend Christmastime with family.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hoosier Update (That's Now Out of Date)

In early December, we went to Bloomington for IU's game versus Howard. All week I had been talking about how much I wanted to go to the IU vs. Kentucky game, and when I came home from work there were two tickets on the kitchen table. I had a huge smile on my face as I made my way to the table and asked, "OOOOOOOOOOH, what do we have here!? Who the heck is Howard?"

It definitely wasn't a figurative nail-biter, though Kyler found time to make it a literal one. We won by a significant margin, probably not very exciting for those at home. But it was awesome in Assembly Hall as the crowd went wild over and over again for those crazy moves and impressive dunks.

I believe this may have been the last game Will Sheehey played in. Sad Face.

This is a creepy picture. I was testing the zoom on our camera, and focused on Kyler's professor's seats. We were very surprised that we could make him out perfectly. We sat by him there, in the third row at our first game of the season. CREEPER ALERT!

What an incredible Hoosier team! We're so glad to see this team turn around from where they've been the past four years. Little did we know that since this game, we'd move on to be 15-1!

Go Hoosiers! (Kyler thought those towels were like little skirts and made of these guys like it was the funniest thing ever!)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to December

Catchy title, anyone? Any Taylor Swift fans reading?...Anyways.

A couple of weeks before Christmas we received a package from P&G. So totally sweet of them, considering Kyler hasn't even started there yet. (Only 121 days until he does start...not that we're counting).

He was so excited.

Just a little trouble getting in there though.

I'm not sure what'd going on. A little batman action?

A nice letter from the company. You know how much those Grays love their Christmas letters.

Some type of tasty treat. They were gone before I got home from work the next day.

Kyler said this was my half of the gift. Calorie & Fat Content book for restaurants. Thanks Kyler.

I like this piece a little better. A beautiful white platter with a wintery scene of an old Cincinnati street, of course featuring a soap building.

And of course lots of product samples. Who knew toothbrushes and deodorant would be such an exciting Christmas gift! Very much appreciated though, and definitely put to great use already.

It was definitely a nice kick-off to the season of gifts leading up to the day celebrating the Best Gift of All!